Sunday, April 6, 2008

Share Your Adoption Story

We are compiling a book to celebrate Latter-day Saint adoption stories. When my husband and I went through the process of adopting our first child we wished that we had a reference to find out how other people of our faith had experienced this amazing and emotional journey, especially our precious birth families. A book like this would have also been helpful for our family and friends to help them understand more of the process as well.

Has adoption touched your life or your family and friends? By gathering and sharing our heartfelt and inspirational adoption stories, we find common ground and strengthen families, as well as educate people. Your contribution to this effort will be a tremendous opportunity to share your story and all proceeds will be donated to a birth parent scholarship. Please forward this on to as many people as you feel could contribute; we want to share everyone's side of the story including birth families, couples in waiting, as well as adoptive families.

How long are the submissions?

These stories are meant to be short and sweet, one paragraph is perfect with a maximum of five paragraphs in length (50-700 words) and double spaced. Please don’t use birth parent names even if you have permission (use an alias or initials) because their privacy is our priority. You may use fictitious names yourselves, but please indicate. You may want to send a photograph or child drawing for use with your story.

Whose story?

We want everyone’s perspective: adoptive couples, grandparents, siblings, friends, adopted children young and old (children may submit drawings), birth parents and birth grandparents, couples waiting to adopt etc.


Just start writing, the words will come.

Share your reflections on your experiences and adoption in general.

You may share your personal faith in God.

Please post your stories here if you wish.

For more information or to submit your story or photograph to (please use a word file and jpg for any pictures.)